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So Ive decided to just watch movies, instead of maken em for a while (Not like that hasent happend already)

ZZZzzzzzZZzzzz Wazza?

2008-08-15 16:22:16 by Bluewind2006

Have you ever had one of those.....weeks were you get a drawing tablet but are too lazy to do anything? Thats were I am right now, Good news is on the days when I actually feel like working I get stuff dosent really look like one of those days is coming this week.........mabey monday. Ive actually been thinking of doing a little sprite movie, just to get things started again

A very Special post

2008-07-04 01:13:39 by Bluewind2006

Well It's Bluewind studio's 2nd anniversary (yes I cant spell F**k off) So ive looked back at all the good times weve had the past year and a half, so many ideas we thought of, and how we dident do any of them because we were to lazy and dident have the eqipment or the patients. And all the Ideas we have for the future (that we are truly going to do) And it got me thinking about how and why I got into flash. Well theres one artist I would like to do a Shout Out to, the artist that actually got me into flash and Newgrounds the great: Egoraptor!!! Yup the Awesome man himself, I dont really know him, (And I feel like a douch for that) but I know all his work, I have every movie he has ever made on my favorites. Looking back It was the Awesome Series that Got me into flash and wanting to do movies, and what got me to get the idea for bluewind studios, and to get my friends together to actually do this (we really have like at least 40 freekin movies that havent been finished on our hard drive). So because this is our Anniversary, I would just like to say: thank you Egoraptor. Without Your movies I wouldent be having the time of my life doing this, And I can only hope to be as good as an animator as you one day. More shout outs: A special thanks to Tom Fulp and the NG crew, for having our sorry asses here for so long, and for all the other artists like Alvin Earthworm (a sprite God in his own right), Cycon (Funnest Writing ever) Kirbopher15 (deication to your movies man) and all you other guys, And ESPESALLY my crew. You guys have put up with me forever, and My crap. Your some of the best friends a guy could have. So Thank you all so much we never ever could have done this with out any of you guys (no matter how small your role was) *sniff, sniff* So Happy Anniversary Bluewind studios, and thanks to all of you
this is Bluewind Signing out.

More Flash?

2008-06-26 23:24:05 by Bluewind2006

hey folks Bluewind here again with more news

Well Ive kinda had a little snag here, I dont have a drawing tablet anymore (bastards) and the guys and I have decided to cancel the solider story, but the sonic story we just might do (if we feel like it). But because I dont have a drawing tablet any more Ive kinda decided to try my hand at doing sprite videos. Were thinking of doing something kinda like Viva la bam but with sonic characters. so untel next time guys this is the bluewind crew signing off

Holy **** he's making more!!!!!!

2008-02-17 21:07:13 by Bluewind2006

Ok guys now I now that I havent made any thing in a long long long long long long long long long long long long long time But im currently working on some really good projects ) sonic and the crossroads (prototype name) Think super smash bros brawl with a good chance of armagedon (yes I know I cant spell worth crap) javascript:MakeSmileySelection(9); now there will be a lot of video game characters in this series so if you guys have any and I mean any characters You'ed like to see in my series please make a sugestion ( for sugestion ZERO from megaman Zero so start posting cause im already making the first episode. )2 the Ascension This one is going to take a while. I got the idea of doing this one from Half life (not 2, 1) (story: A solder named Jack is stationed at the city to keep whatch as a unknown alien object hits the city. It dose not distroy the city but what it releases Is 10000 times more deadly then anything we've ever encountered THE AKTA. a parisidic life form that takes control of its hosts body after mutating it into horriable monsters. Jack the last of his platoon moves through the city to the evacuation point. trust me it goes into a whole lot more BUT I dont have enough time to tell it. its going to be broken in to 5 parts and the first one should be released in October so just keep waiting so tell next time

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